Agriculture Mechanics Instructor


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Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School
80 Locust Street
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Company Description:
High School Agricultural and Career Technical Education
Agriculture Mechanics Instructor
Per Year
Full Time
High School or Equivalent
Nice to have
Nice to have
Chapter 74 License/Licensable in Agricultural Mechanics; or candidates Licensed in Chapter 74 Diesel Mechanics with Ag Mechanics related work history will be considered - Preference: Nice to have

Overview of the Position:  
To lead students toward the fulfillment of their potential for intellectual, emotional, psychological growth and maturation, entry-level skills in the trade area, as well as providing a smooth transition to possible higher education and employment in midlevel technical careers.
The Agricultural Mechanics Instructor will spend approximately seventy-five percent of their time teaching hands-on practical applications in a shop setting and twenty-five percent teaching theory in the classroom.

Certification/License Required:
Chapter 74 License/Licensable in Agricultural Mechanics; or candidates Licensed in Chapter 74 Diesel Mechanics with Ag Mechanics related work history will be considered. 
Minimum of 5 years experience in a related field.
Preferred certification beyond what is required for licensure includes, but is not limited to ASE (diesel), OPE, Construction Supervisor, 40 hours OSHA Trainer, or other applicable industry certifications. 
Must possess a valid driver’s license. 

Primary Functions:  
•Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter or trade, clarity of communication, and instructional effectiveness including classroom management skills and student discipline.
•Provides trade and/or related instruction to all students enrolled in the trade program.
•Provides vocational skills training to all students mainstreamed into Chapter 74 vocational programs that are consistent with the ongoing vocational program; and/or the student’s Individual Educational Plan.
•Plans a program of study with the Vocational Director, that, as much as possible, meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students within the vocational shop and related areas.
•Develops and maintains a learning/shop/class environment conducive to effective learning for all students.
•Maintains a physical environment that motivates and facilitates learning.
•Develops lesson plans aligned with Chapter 74 state frameworks and regularly records and upkeeps student grades
•Evaluates student progress on a regular basis.
•Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities in order to create a safe learning environment for all students.
•Maintains accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, school policy, and administrative regulation.
•Assists in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations, and Board policy.
•Strives to implement by instruction and action the school’s philosophy of education and instructional goals and objectives.
•Recommends textbooks and compiles an annual inventory of books, tools, machinery, and supplies.
•Assists in preparing the annual shop budget.
•Maintain shop equipment in a safe operable condition.
•Accepts a share of responsibility for curriculum development and implementation as assigned.
•Plan, organize, and provide appropriate learning experience within assigned area of responsibility.  
•Contribute to the continuous development of curriculum and the improvement of instruction.      
•Perform all required duties (supervision, attendance taking, student/parent conferences, department/staff meetings, etc.). 
•Demonstrate appropriate application of interdisciplinary instruction. 
•Apply a variety of teaching techniques to the delivery of instruction. 
•Participate in professional development activities that align with school-wide educational goals.
•Update professional skills by attending conferences, meetings, workshops, and other professional development and related career training activities. 
•Develop goals and activities relative to professional development. 
•Transport students to off-campus job sites and supervise to maintain a safe learning environment. 
•Additional duties and relevant responsibilities as assigned by the high school administration. 

Work is generally performed in a school environment during the school day, however, there may be occasions for afterschool meetings (ex: Back to School Night).
The workday is 7:30 am to 2:40 pm. Work year as per Unit D contract.

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, religion or sexual orientation.

The salary range is based on the Unit D Contract and placement on the salary scale by the principal is determined by relevant work experience, licensure, and educational level. Hiring is contingent upon successful CORI and Fingerprint Background Check clearance.

Knowledge and Skills Required:
•Must be able to teach a variety of agricultural mechanics subject areas from among the following: single and multiple engines, hydraulic systems, basic electrical, HVAC, plumbing and woodworking, electric arc and oxyacetylene gas welding, drafting, the repair and maintenance of agricultural facilities, and the operation, repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment, including tractors, power equipment, and small engines. 
•Experience working on a farm.
•Demonstrated ability to work well with others in a caring, positive and constructive manner and specifically with students, teachers, school administrators, parents, and volunteers. 
•Must have and maintain moral standards. 
•Must maintain professional appearance appropriate to career and technical area.
•Dependability in attendance and productivity. Perform high-quality work consistently.    
•Exhibit a positive work ethic. 
•Be a role model for students and the general public at large. 
•Demonstrates confidentiality in personnel and student matters.   
•Demonstrate proficiency in handling problems as they arise and know when and to whom to assign the handling of situations in the absence of an administrator. 
•Ability to work independently as well as in a team with other staff members.  

Required Physical Activity:
Handling and Moving Objects - Using hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning, moving materials, and manipulating objects.

The chart below indicates what annual percentage of time is spent on each of the following essential physical requirements.
1. Seldom = Less than 25%
2. Occasional = 25-50%
3. Often = 51-75%
4. Very Frequent = 76% and above
(4) a. Ability to stand and circulate for extended periods.
(4) b. Ability to see for purposes of reading printed matter, computer screens, and observing students.
(4) c. Ability to hear and understand speech at normal levels.
(4) d. Ability to communicate orally so others can understand a normal conversation.
(4) e. Ability to bend and twist, stoop, sit, kneel, crawl, push and pull.
(4) f. Ability to lift 25 pounds.
(3) g. Ability to lift 30 pounds.
(3) h. Ability to carry 50 pounds.
(3) i. Ability to reach in all directions.
(4) j. Ability to use fingers for manipulative functions like typing, writing, filing, sorting, etc.
(3) k. Must be able to ascend/descend a ladder. 

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