The Performance Project

The Performance Project brings people together to create theater and visual art through multi-generational collaborations. Our members participate in artistic training, inter-generational mentoring and leadership development. We claim a public voice, engage audiences in dialogue about oppression and liberation, and celebrate our humanity and connection through the arts. We Value -Art that engages the public in dialog about social and cultural issues -Art that expresses and celebrates our humanity and our inter-connectedness -Being a community of many languages -Intergenerational and Intercultural alliances -Life-long caring relationships over multiple generations -Access to quality educational and professional opportunities for our members -Multi-faceted educational experiences, i.e.: Contact with talented professional artists, academic and international communities, social and cultural activists -Critical independent thinking, youth leadership initiatives, public voice, and civic engagement -Coalition and movement building -Work that aims to dismantle systemic oppression -Achieving personal and collective excellence

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