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Lathrop Home

215 South Street
Lathrop Home

Company Description:
Lathrop home is a non-profit Residential Care Facility, we specialize in providing a home like environment and quality care to every resident. We offer freshly prepared meals and snacks to our residents by utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables. Lathrop Home is the only residential care facility in Western Ma to offer 24/7 nurses on staff for medication administration and quality care.
Salary Range:Location:
To Commensurate With Experience NORTHAMPTON, MA
Job Type:Category:
Part TimeCleaning Services
Education Level:Work Experience:
High School or Equivalent
Preference: Nice to have
No Experience
Preference: Nice to have

1. Follows cleaning schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.,) as outlined for housekeeping department.
2. Cleans assigned areas, furnishings, and fixtures according to established housekeeping procedures.
3. Cleans floors: Dry mops, wet mops, sweeps, waxes, buffs, disinfects where and when necessary. Performs emergency housekeeping where accidents occur. Cleans movable and stationary furnishings and fixtures: Dusts, spot cleans or washes, disinfects when necessary, polishes where required. This includes the cleaning of ledges, shelves, vents, etc. Empties and cleans ashtrays. Empties, cleans and relines wastebaskets. Straightens or rearranges furniture as directed. Inspects furnishings for wear and defects and reports to Director of Housekeeping.
4. Cleans bathroom (resident, private): Cleans and disinfects all fixtures, floors, and walls as directed. Washes windows and mirrors. Replenishes bathroom supplies.
5. Cleans walls, windows, doors, and ceilings: Spot cleans between washings, washes, disinfects when necessary. Walls and ceilings and ceiling fixtures are cleaned as scheduled.
6. Cleans entrances and exits: Cleans floors, walls and windows.
7. Cleans all horizontal surfaces daily or as scheduled by removing dust, dirt, or greasy film, using disinfectants where necessary such as in resident care areas, bathrooms and showers
8. Performs daily cleaning in resident rooms
9. Performs cleaning duties when resident is transferred to another room or discharged, according to established procedures (see housekeeping procedures)
10. Removes linens for cleaning, re-hangs curtains, and drapes.
11. Changes light bulbs. Removes waste and disposes of waste and trash. Waters. Flowers. Sends soiled linens to laundry.
12. Reports observations concerning structural and equipment wear, defects and malfunctioning to supervisor.
13. Reports supply and equipment needs to Housekeeping Supervisor for replenishing.
14. Maintains equipment used in performing duties.
15. Dietary Responsibilities as assigned by Housekeeping Supervisor
16. Relieves laundress as scheduled or on an as needed basis
17. Other miscellaneous related duties as assigned.
• Strenuous physical activity involved (walking, standing, lifting).
• Must be able to lift 50 pounds; stretch arms above head; bend to clean under furniture.
• Standing, walking and on your feet most of a 6.5 hour workday.
• Pushes, pulls, lifts, cleaning equipment and supplies.
• May stand on chair or small stepladder to reach high places.
• Exposed irregularly to infection when entering resident rooms.
• Subject to reactions from heavy dust, cleaning products and disinfecting solutions.
• Must be comfortable with heights and working from ladders and slippery conditions on wet floors

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