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Pathlight Inc

220 Brookdale Drive
Springfield, MA 01104
Salary Range:Location:
Job Type:Category:
Full / Part TimeCNA/RN/Medical
Education Level:Work Experience:
Preference: Required
Up to One Year
Preference: Preferred
LPN / RN Certification - Preference: Required
Summary of Nursing Position:

Responsible for performing nursing duties to provide nursing care including health maintenance, teaching, counseling, planning and restoration for individuals with medical, physical and/or developmental disabilities. Provide training, instruction and support to families, caregivers, staff in keeping with Program policies, Nurse Practice Act and related Agency standards and accepted practice.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Assess the health status of individuals and record related health data. Analyze and interpret data and make informed judgments as to the specific problems and elements of nursing care mandated by a particular situation. Respond accordingly to on-call and/or emergency situations. Ensure all records and files are maintained properly; ensure confidentiality and safekeeping.

2. Plan and implement nursing intervention which includes all appropriate elements of nursing care, prescribed medical or other therapeutic regimens mandated by a particular situation, as well as the individual's ongoing nursing care plan and nursing protocols. Evaluate outcomes of nursing interventions and initiate changes as appropriate. Render direct (or indirect nursing care per program) on-site as needed including the provision of psychosocial support. As program dictates coordinate, schedule and accompany on medical or related appointments. Ensure coordination and completion of medication reviews.

3. Administer medications and related activities as indicated by program and in accordance with physician's orders in consultation and accepted standards.

4. Review medication needs regularly with appropriate parties. Implement/document changes in medications as ordered by physicians. Per program provide for proper storage and inventories of medications and medical supplies.

5. Develop and/or maintain a current written nursing care plan and nursing safety protocols for assigned individuals. Review and update plan and or protocols annually or as needed. Represent plans and related interests on internal and external interdisciplinary teams. Per program provide, arrange for and coordinate the provision of routine auxiliary care/health maintenance services as appropriate. Ensure maintenance of related documentation, record keeping and reporting.

6. Provide the control of and/or identify, assess and report communicable diseases and infection situations. Employ protective measures. Instruct and provide technical assistance to others in prevention and protection.

7. Provide and coordinate health teaching required by individuals, their families and significant others and related groups per program, so as to maintain optimal level of health care. Initiate the involvement of other health care providers, facilitating a team approach as appropriate.

8. Collaborate, cooperate and communicate as appropriate with other health care providers, allied professionals, etc. to ensure quality and continuity of care. Act as liaison between nursing and other programs services. Prepare staff members for certification in medication administration in conformance with applicable state regulations.

9. Provide part time immediate supervision of assigned nursing staff as dictated by program structure. Instruct, assign, review and check daily routines. Provide technical assistance and guidance as needed. Participate in performance evaluation of staff as requested. May assist with orientation and training of new nursing staff.

10. Assist management in the development and carrying out of the Program's nursing services.

11. Lead and/or participate in the ISP process.

12. Maintain current knowledge of the practice of nursing including of the field of developmental disability nursing.

13. Schedule, assist and accompany individuals on medical or related appointments and testing as required per program.

14. Ordering of medications and medical supplies as program specifies.
1. Diversified duties involving an intensive knowledge of nursing care and the use of a wide range of procedures.
2. Requires the use of judgment in the provision of nursing care and in the determination of the best actions to be taken within the limits of accepted practice.
3. Work with confidential data such as individual's served records, CPR certification

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